East African Compliant Recycling (EACR)

                             Leading, not following.

With over 20 years of experience in the management and treatment of waste, you can rest assured in the knowledge that EACR will take care of everything.

EACR provides secure, guaranteed recycling of electronics waste from businesses. We have a firm understanding of the Kenyan Waste Regulations and provide recycling services in full compliance with local, Municipal and NEMA regulations.   

We can provide the following services to businesses:-  
  • Collection – we can provide secure transportation services from your premises
  • Certificates of  Recycling – clients can be provided certificate of recycling, once all materials are dismantled, assuring your products and data are destroyed.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Meets the specific needs of each individual customer. All reports and certificates are provided on a regular basis. 

Our facility is situated here.